Some Self-help support

Kamloops Web Hosting will support you in resolving any challenges or problems you may face in running your website though us. Now, having said that, some areas of support I charge for.

Check and see if your domain name is available.

Getting Started


Helping you with html or scripts is for the web developer guy, he will charge for stuff like that.


If you bought products through our storefront on, you can obtain 24/7 product support there at this link below. - support is there 24/7 Please note:
This would also include any of the hosting plans that are offered there.
If you signed up for one of our special hosting packages contact us here or call (as per your support agreement with us.)


  • I'm starting with the computer help first. Which is on this page. Usually when you are having problems you will not be able to get on to the internet to see this page so, ... step 1... save a copy of the pages you want.

Website help? - With a hosting package you get rvsitebuilder and many templates. Meanwhile, here is a basic learning site just be cautious of all the advertisements (nothing is really free)

Note: save this page on your hard drive so you have access to it when the internet is down.

Put it somewhere where you can find the page later. I make sub-folders in My Documents - easier to find things that way.




I charge for computer work at $45/hr (contact)


Have you been doing your maintenance? Computers are like every other piece of equipment, you need to clean them once in awhile and tune them up. Once we have the thing clean. Back it up and update it. Then schedule the task and do your maintenance and security checks on a regular basis




First, your ISP more than likely has a full suite you can download for free.

It will more than likely be a resource hog and take over your system making it run slow. But hey, it is free and should do everything.


This is what I would do.

These will take a little while to do. Depends on how much stuff you have on your computer.

In House: Before I start here are a few things you can do.

  1. Delete all of your temporary Internet files, cookies, etc.
  2. Delete everything in your temp folders.
  3. Delete all files in your prefetch folder (once a year at least)
  4. Defrag (approx. once a year or so - NOT every week, month or whatever you've been doing.)


Download, install and run CCleaner from here It's free and does most things automatically.

If you are non-technical do this:

  1. Click on your My Computer Icon and highligh/pick your hard drive (usually it is called C:\)
  2. Right click on it (the C: drive) and bring up the menu - Pick "Properties" on it.
  3. You should see a button on the first tab there called "Disk Clean up".
    Run it and delete the things available.
  4. The "Tools" tab will have other option - check disk, defrag. Run these if you need to.
  5. You could also run MRT (microsofts malicious software removal tool) Click Start, then click Run, type in mrt and hit enter.

If you are technical and kind of know what you're doing, do this:

  1. Change your folder view options so you can see the hidden folders and windows system files. Note: remember to change this setting back to hide the system files after.
  2. Under windows folder delete everything in the Temp folder and prefetch folder. You could backup and then delete the uninstall info for the updates you've made (all of the $NtUninstall(some update$ type files too.
  3. Under documents and settings in the Local Settings folder for each of the users and the administrator you'll find the temp directory and temporary internet folder - delete the contents.
  4. Got crap programs that need to be uninstalled? Check. Unstall them..
  5. Reboot

DO YOU HAVE A FIREWALL RUNNING? And only one? If you have two turned on or more they are probably not working right.


If not - Get one, use it, and update it on a regular basis.


Run "Windows Update" Click on the "custom" instead of the "Recommended" Look for hardware and other updates.


Anti spyware/malware software

Ad-aware (I could make a $1 or two off the sale.) Haven't yet though. has Spybot which is another good one.


Anti virus software

AVG has a free version of their anti- VIRUS package
I run it. I use the free version and have for several years now.
NEVER have two anti-virus packages installed and running at the same time.

(Exception: I run this cloud based antivirus in conjunction with AVG-free)

I've used it. (The windows firewall works fine though)
Never run two firewalls at the same time - Use either this one or the Windows xp version

Now that everything is installed, scan again and reboot.

Everything fine and working? If so, make a restore point if you're using Windows under "System Restore".
(All programs-Accessories-System Tools. You'll should see it there.)